New head office and breeding station for Danespo

Danepos has inaugurated a new breeding station and head office, which provides the framework and the environment to create the potato varieties of the future

The inauguration was celebrated on January 22, 2019, with the participation of business partners and employees.
The new potato center is located in a new business area in Give and consists of a 1000 m² office building, 2000 m² breeding facilities and a 1500 m² greenhouse.

Almost 200 guests were gathered from Denmark and abroad to look at the new facilities, and Mayor of Vejle Municipality, Jens Ejner Christensen, vere happy about the new potato domicile:
-Danespo is a good example of the type of business we would like to host in our municipality. You are part of the food sector, which accounts for 20% of the jobs in our municipality, and you combine a high level of knowledge with efficient production, said the mayor.

Flemming Nør-Pedersen, Director of the Danish Agriculture & Food Council praised Danespo's vision of being a leading player in the development of seed and ware potatoes:
-It is positive that you invest in the processing of potatoes in Denmark. Danespo creates many jobs and export value, and each Dane consumes 40-50 kg of potatoes a year. We have an important task in ensuring that the potato industry also has the necessary and fundamental conditions to operate in the future, ”said Flemming Nør-Pedersen.

From the left: Director of the Danish Agriculture & Food Council Flemming Nør-Pedersen, Chairman of the Board Francois Desprez, Mayor Vejle Municipality Jens Einer Christensen & Vice Chairman of Danespo Truels Damsgaard

“With this investment, Danespo contributes to the development of the Danish food cluster by expanding our R&D activities here in Denmark and investing in added value and know-how for agriculture. It will benefit Danish potato production in the coming years, ”said Jens Holstborg, CEO of Danespo.
“The purpose of our new facilities is to ensure the continued development and refinement of new potato varieties for the world market. It is important that we continue to have a strong focus on the new varieties that are the cornerstone of our business development. We are a global player and we must be at the forefront of our development to secure our competitiveness in Denmark and the rest of the world,” said Jens Holstborg.

"The requirements for modern plant breeding include the development of new laboratory techniques that can facilitate and accelerate the selection of new potato varieties. Our new breeding station will support the basic biotechnology activities that we are running with the universities and our two major shareholders DLF and Desprez."