New improved ProNitro® seed coating

Give your pitch a head start with the new improved formula.

Having a healthy and well-established grass field is the most important job for greenkeepers and landscape architects. To achieve the perfect pitch the establishment phase is crucial. To give the seed a head start, wrapping the seed in a coating is an efficient and time saving solution for grass sowing and early plant development. A crucial factor in establishment is speed. Grass plants need to establish fast so that weeds do not stand a chance. This requires two main ingredients: fertilizer and water.

Improving soil conditions from day one
ProNitro® contains both fertilizer and wetting agent improving the plant establishment. ProNitro® is a fertilizer seed coating specially designed for grasses. Every ProNitro® coated seed contains a combination of both fast and slow-release nitrogen: fast-release for an immediate nitrogen availability, and slow-release to keep nitrogen up during the first weeks after sowing. Grass makes the most of this nutrient input during its early development, resulting in more and bigger plants with longer roots.
When using ProNitro®, there is a 4 times more efficient use of nutrients if compared to broadcast seedbed fertilization. As a consequence, less fertilizer is needed, less leaching, and less weed development. ProNitro® is a cost-effective solution because it condenses the grass sowing and the fertilizer application in just one field operation. The wetting agent in the coating also ensures a much more efficient use of water, because the wetting agent will lower the water surface tension, which means less water is needed during establishment.Seeds without coating to the left and seeds coated with ProNitro® to the right.

Seeds have a better chance in the field
ProNitro® increases grass seed weight by 50%: the heavier the seed, the better its contact with the soil. That is a key feature for an improved water uptake, seed germination, and plant growth under competition with already established plants, as in overseeding. Heavier seeds are also easier to distribute when sowing, this increases field uniformity.
ProNitro® improves performance of high quality seeds, so genetic potential of grass is backed up under real field conditions. ProNitro® grass seeds can be stored, handled, and sown as regular seeds.

Professionals cannot risk a poor establishment, and therefor they choose to invest in ProNitro® treated grass seeds.

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