New promising forage varieties from DLF

Looking for new grasses to boost your clover grass field – have a look at some of our new varieties.

Have you ever looked at your grass and clover sward and wondered if you could do something additional to increase the field performance and get more milk and more meat from your production and optimise your farm output?

If you do, we gladly present our newest varieties and we are sure that at least one of these will be able to boost your field.

This year we present 10 new perennial ryegrasses, 2 new tall fescue and 1 new Italian ryegrass and if you thinking of boosting your forage with additional protein we add 3 new varieties to DLF Alfalfa.

In perennial ryegrass, you have the possibility to ask for:

  • FABIOLA – High yielding variety for a strong first cut and a protein level out of reach.
  • IROQUE – All-round grass with remarkably fast regrowth giving you a high yield.
  • KIANI – Enhanced winter hardiness with resistance to crown rust and high quality.
  • MELFORCE – Cutting and grazing made easy and with improved rust resistance.
  • NASHOTA – Well adapted to grazing and cutting and no space left for weeds.
  • SMILE – Excellent yields og dry matter and energy with high summer and autumn yields.
  • THEGN – Good growth and yield with superior resistance to mildrew and crown rust.
  • TRIWARWIC – Fast establishment with superb yield and with high disease resistance.
  • VALMIRON – Superior yielding year after year made possible by high persistency
  • VELONIT – Early spring growth and early high first cut with no worries of rust attack

In tall fescue, you need to have a look at:

  • NINKOKO – Soft leaves, high first cut and superior drought and disease tolerance.
  • SWEETY – All purpose sweet tall fescue with high protein, yield and persistency

In Italian ryegrasses, you might find interest in:

  • BOND – high yielding, fast establishment and high first cut with low tendency to form stems.

To become more self-sufficient in protein and independent of fluctuating substrate prices have a look at DLF Alfalfa:

  • SIBEMOL – Higher-than-ever drymatter yield with resistance to nematodes and verticilium
  • SYMPHONIE – High in protein, tolerance to lodging and perfect for harsh winters.
  • ZENITH – Semi-dormant with up to six cuts a year and with strong deep roots for dry periods.

Read more about our new varieties here and if you find interest and want to know more please contact your local dealer of products from DLF.

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