New varieties for the season 2015/16

Among the 17 new forage and turf varieties we are launching this season we want to highlight especially two varieties – a turf perennial and a turf annual ryegrass. The two varieties both offer sports field managers better performance.

More density and wear-tolerance with 4turf® TETRASTAR

TETRASTAR is a tetraploid turf perennial ryegrass that improves turf density without reducing stress-tolerance.
It is also more resistant to wear, and together with last year’s launch of FABIAN, the two belong to the next generation of 4turf® varieties.

Constant improvements in performance have lifted our portfolio of tetraploid turf perennial ryegrasses on to the world stage. They are vital components in the turf mixtures we supply to the world's great sporting events, such as the World Cup in Brazil 2014, Copa América in Chile 2015 and next year's EURO 2016 in France. The tetraploid varieties in 4turf® establish faster than normal diploid perennial ryegrasses, especially at low temperatures. They are also highly tolerant to diseases, drought and salt.

Darker, denser, and finer leaves with QUICKSTON

QUICKSTON is a turf annual ryegrass with denser and finer leaves, and a darker colour. QUICKSTON will establish at low temperatures even when the thermometer gets below 5°C.

Since turf annual ryegrass is the fastest establishing grass you can grow, we combine it with 4turf® perennial ryegrass to form the backbone of the winter overseeding and repair concepts we prepare for sports fields. With the addition of QUICKSTON, groundsmen will achieve even better results from their winter overseeding.