Overseeding and repair of stadiums

High performing stadium pitches are tricky, how are damages repaired in just days?

Overseeding of stadiums

High performing stadiums are tricky to manage. With only days between matches every daylight hour counts for the grass. Matches are planned, the weather looks promising. And what happens? A two day concert event will cover the grass a week before the kick off. In the eyes of the grounds managers this is an interruption and a risk of damages to the grass surface.

A regularly overseeding schedule is ideal

Any wear and bare spots needs to be mended for the sake of the players, the uneven bounce of the football and bare soil is equal to inviting weeds for dinner. Overseeding is not just a part of the grounds managers “rescue toolbox”, it is considered good practice. However sometimes the good practice needs to be assisted with fast action, that works within days.
With turf annual ryegrass at hand you can turn a damaged pitch back on track in days. Turf annuals make a quick closing of wounds from early in the spring so you can start working up a dense, resilient and even sward.

A friend in need…

The turf annuals are not as persistent as the perennial and over time the plants will be outcompeted by the perennial ryegrass which is more wear tolerant and better for sports. We love the turf annuals for their super fast establishment and ability to assist in the rescue of damages on sports grounds.