PASTUTARIAN: The 9th Vegetarian-Type That Will Rock Our Eating Traditions

It may not come as a surprise, but if the sun has not already set on a carnivorous lifestyle it surely will before we reach the next decade.

Plant-based food is trending and reflects especially youngster’s wish to save the planet from overheating and resource depletion. And the new trend-setting lifestyles come in different sizes, so you can pick whatever suits your taste. We have everything from raw-vegans, who only consume unprocessed plant foods to the flexitarians, who eat mostly vegetarian but may be willing to eat animal products occasionally. In total there are no less than 8 classes of plant-diet lovers.

Yet another type may be on approach – and yes, as the headline indicates; we are talking people eating grass-based products. Not geeks and enthusiasts like the readers of European Seed’s INSIDERS columns, no – ordinary people who today don’t even think about any of these eating habits.

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