Premier sports venue swears to DLF UK mixtures

Head Groundsman Dan Kirton says it would take "something seriously special" to make them use anything else.

Liberty Stadium Swansea, which is the premier sports venue in South West Wales decided a couple of years back to switch to the Johnsons mixtures from DLF UK - J Premier Pitch during summer and J 4Turf during the colder months. And the Groundsman couldn't be happier: "If we have a rugby game on the Friday night, we'll clean the pitch up and but J Premier Pitch down and by the following week we're getting germination - you can't ask for better than that!"

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J 4Turf contains 50% 4turf®, which establishes fast and has an excellent wear-tolerance. The seeds kif off fast - even at soil temperatures down to 3-5°C.
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