ProNitro® for vigorous establishment

Now's the time to give your grass fields a quick boost of regenerative growth before winter kicks in

Sometimes high-quality grass seed needs a little extra help – a tiny package of nutrients to encourage the young seedlings to grow with vigour. That's the idea behind DLF's ProNitro® seed coating.

Each seed comes with its own coating of nitrogen. It may be a small package, but it's more than enough to give the seedling the vital nitrogen it needs to establish vigorously. There are other advantages: the ProNitro® coating increases the weight of each seed by roughly 50%. The extra weight leads to a more even distribution of seed and better seed-to-soil contact.

Trials show that ProNitro® produces stronger plants with a more dense canopy. ProNitro® seed grows so vigorously, you could sow less seed per hectare and still achieve the same lush visual appearance with no decrease in yield.

One field trial showed how useful ProNitro® could be for farmers who are planning to seed or overseed in the autumn. In the trial, which took place at Landhost in the Netherlands, a field of forage grasses was sown on 18 October. After just two weeks, the seedlings were a darker green and taller than a control field sown on the same day. The benefits were long-lasting: by the end of winter the ProNitro® field had a much more uniform coverage of green.

ProNitro® isn't just good for autumn sowing. The ProNitro® boost encourages seedlings to establish well at any time of year. To find out how ProNitro® could help you achieve a better sward, talk to your local DLF supplier.

Pronitro® FAQ