Race to the top …while watching the grass grow

DLF is dedicated to deliver top quality varieties. One of the ways we do this is to challenge ourselves to reach the top of recommended lists.

When greenkeepers, grounds men and women of professional sports arenas and high-profile clubs needs a little more than a basically acceptable product. They are much more particular when they choose the seeds for their pitches, sports fields, greens, and fairways.
The grass’ ability to give a golf ball speed on a green, a uniform bounce of the ball and ability to recover after wear.
These characters are tested at one of the most competitive grass competitions in Europe; The STRI trial in Bingley UK. The British Society of Plant Breeders publish the results of the trials and recommend the varieties entered in the trial according to a mean performance specified for sports type wear, lawn and close mow.
This spring DLF breeders visited the STRI facility in Bingley UK, to get their own impression of the performance of the varieties we have registered for trial here. A beautifully located site.
This trial station gives the varieties a tough treatment and a careful evaluation. The plots are well established and treated with the most care in terms of fertilization and soil, but then starts the unpleasant treatment, that separates the weak from the strong. Rubbing and rolling with shoe soles, stamping, tackling with metal studs and, well, these 1 sqm plots are shown no mercy. That is what they are here for!

It is on the STRI list, as on the other recommended lists around the world, a competitive race for the top. Find the 2019 STRI list here.

STRI trials simulate wear from golf shoes:

And wear from tennis shoes and football boots…

In the picture you may be able to see Niels Roulund in the distance checking out the rye grasses.