Rejuvenate your lawn like a PRO

Spring is up and it’s time to refresh yourself and your wonderful garden for another season with leisure, relaxation, fun with the kids and just that sensational feeling of letting your toes grab around the lush green turf grass.

If your lawn is still dressed in its brown winter
garments and graciously furred with moss – No worries! Dressing up for summer isn’t that difficult. Grab your rake or invite your neighbour to assist you in a little exercise raking away dead debris and surplus moss. Or go your DIY store and rent a verticutting machine for a couple of hours. Let the patchy bare soil breathe and memorize the sight because after seeding new turf seeds it will soon undergo a green transformation that will make you smile. You will also find your turf seeds at the DIY store or your local garden supplier. If you want to rejuvenate your lawn like a PRO choose some of the boxes that has the highest content of red fescue. You will typically find the info on the back of the box.

Red fescue comes in three types; chewings, slenders, and creepings – each of them holding different great advantages and beauties. All of them are preferred by turf professionals over several other good grasses because of their unbeatable leaf fineness, dark colour, and dense growth, which allows for very close mowing.

Now is the right time if you want to spark your lawn with red fescues. Red fescues love spring and summer temperatures. So, go for a PRO lawn, go for red fescue. But better be careful, your neighbour may want to stay for another beer, or just the indulging feeling of burying his feet in your exquisite red fescue lawn.