Seven new turf varieties hit the list in France

Following several years of intensive testing seven new DLF turf varieties have made their way to the French National list.

Four of these new varieties are Tall fescues: Jamboree, Bullseye, Calvada and Sencilia. The three first varieties are distinguished by a very dark and dense appearance. While Calvada show remarkably fine leaves and shoot density Jamboree exhibits exceptionally good visual merit during winter. Bullseye possesses very good wear tolerance and disease resistance. Sencilia is less dark but with very high density and with good disease resistance.

All four varieties will add another strong asset to DLF-TRIFOLIUMs wide and strong variety position.

With an extraordinary turf quality, it was no surprise that the strong creeping red fescue variety Hastings (F. rubra rubra) also made its way to the list. Besides producing very fine and dense turf it also establishes fast and displays slow growth securing a great performance all year round. Two perennial ryegrasses were also listed; the diploid Hayley, showing high wear tolerance, disease resistance and shoot density; and a tetraploid ryegrass, Tetrastar, which represents another example of the successful efforts in making tetraploids finer and denser. Tetrastar has remarkeably good disease resistance scores, it is a little darker than the comparative variety Fabian, and receives particularly nice autumn scorings.