Spring aid for exhausted pitches

After a cold winter many sports fields need a “make-over”. Masterline from DLF is the ideal solution.

After a cold winter many sports fields need a “make-over”. They have been used in a period with very little grass growth and because of this some soil spots can occur. If no repair is done unwanted weeds and weed grasses will quickly fill in the gaps when the soil temperature begins to rise in the spring.

With a targeted mixture, including the turf annual ryegrass Axcella and the unique 4turf® from DLF, it is possible to establish grass even at low soil temperatures. This gives you a competitive advantage over the weeds and makes it possible to fill in those soil spots fast and easy.

A mixture like the Expressmaster Plus which includes turf annual ryegrass Axcella, 4turf® and high quality diploid sports perennial ryegrass is one of the best solutions to this challenge. Later in the spring, overseeding can be followed up with Expressmaster which consists of four high quality perennial ryegrasses and our 4turf® mixture.

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