Superb new listings on the French list


GIANNA perennial ryegras

The new perennial ryegrass GIANNA will top the list for sports use. Besides superb scores for fineness, density, wear, etc., GIANNA also showed to be one of the very best in our recent shade + wear trial (Read more, Professional Turf Newsletter, p. 2). The performance in the winter months is confirmed by the official results where the visual merit is excellent.


NINKOKO tall fescue

After the successful launch of the tall fescue, TOWER, another top yielding variety NINKOKO joins the French list. High yield + exceptional rust resistance and late heading (large spring window) is the key for optimizing animal output and securing the forage production.

GOYAVE perennial ryegrass

The French market is gluttonous of very late heading perennial ryegrasses because of the large spring window they provide. The new variety GOYAVE is listed with excellent scores in this noble heading segment. A valid successor of the legendary OHIO.