TEST: Quality superior to standard in lawns

Why bother to buy a DLF high quality turf grass mixture rather than the standards? Well, we have made a test to find out if you get value for money. Watch the video to see the difference.

Either your customers are going to establish a new lawn or maintain an existing lawn it would be worth one’s while to get the right seed. A high-quality turf grass mixture from DLF has many benefits compared to a low quality mixture.

During three years we have been monitoring the looks of a DLF high quality mixture side-by-side with a low quality mixture to show the difference through the seasons.

DLF high quality mixture consists of fine leaved quality varieties with high shoot density that gives a more dense lawn with higher competitiveness against weeds. For enhanced performance we combine varieties representing the most essential species in the mixtures. This ensures a lawn extremely adaptable to local conditions.