The new nitrogen seed coating

Improve your grass seed establishment with ProNitro® and your stadium, golf course, sports ground, or park will be succesfull. Watch our video and learn more about ProNitro®.

Our world is changing quickly, customers are always looking for the best solutions and high quality grass seed products. However they are also looking to reduce inputs of herbicides, fertilisers and water to preserve our environment.

The R&D department of DLF has been working on products that need lower inputs for a long time. The aim of which was to combine the best grass seed genetics with all the nutrients needed by a seedling in a single coating, so as to improve the establishment of the plant but also reduce inputs and costs. Our first generation nutrient seed coating was iSeed.

Following significant continued product development & substantial laboratory, greenhouse and user trials, we are proud to introduce the 4th generation of nutrient seed coatings ProNitro which delivers faster establishment and represents even greater value for money.

Watch our video to learn more about ProNitro®.

Read more about ProNitro®.