The Russian pitches are being inspected

DLF Product managers visited this week the two World Cup stadiums Luzhniki and Spartak in Moscow together local groundsmen, to see if everything looks as expected 2½ months before this summers football top-event

In spite of a long winter and a late spring, the two Moscow match stadiums look great by the end of March. DLF Product Managers visited Luzhniki Stadium, hosting 7 matches - including the opening and the final match - and Spartak Stadium. And they liked what they saw!
The pitches looks amazing when the white cover protecting the grasses from the cold is removed to give the grass better access to air and sunshine. The underground heating system (15-20 degrees) is also helping the pitches to get through the winter period in good shape. The groundsmen teams are doing an excellent job at both stadiums, and it seems that the stadiums will meet the high standards expected and reqiured for the world's largest single sports event.

A look at Spartak Stadium the last week of March. The pitch cover is removed when the sun is shining allowing the grass to absorb as much light as possible

Luzhniki Stadium with underground heating, artificial illuminance systems and a cover to protect the pitch from the Russian winter