The tough DLF grass survived another Roskilde Festival

The Danish festival season is slowly coming to an end, but there is no reason to despair. The grass for next year’s festival experiences will soon be sown.

In July the fairgrounds in Roskilde once again set the grassy scene for this year’s Roskilde Festival. DLF-TRIFOLIUM had been given the task of supplying durable grass to withstand the strain of the many dancing festivalgoers. It takes extra strong grass to survive the pressure from more than 100.000 happy party people. Therefore the camping grounds at this year’s festival were overseeded with a sustainable and resilient mixture from the Masterline-range based on the Sportmaster with additional 5% Microclover. The Microclover in this mixture fixes nitrogen from the air and converts it into fertilizer for plant growth. This gives the grass strength and enables it to withstand the pressure from the many people. Like previous years, the festival grounds were overseeded with Masterline mixtures with 4turf®.

This mixture is developed to endure sliding tackles at football stadiums across the country and the grass survived both The Rolling Stones and Stevie Wonder, the first of which was probably the tougher challenge for the grass. In the fall the fields will once again be sown with a Masterline mixture with 4turf®, to ensure that the fairgrounds are green, lush and ready for next year's events.