Turf & Forage challenges and News

Klaus K. Niesen, Chief Scientific Officer in DLF, represents the Turf & Forage Seed Industry in the magazine European Seed INSIDERS series.

​Klaus is in charge of securing next-generation leading-edge products through DLF’s global research and development organization. These major R&D activities encompass a number of goal-directed breeding programs, enhanced by the implementation of state-of-the-art biotechnology tools, such as genomic selection and new trait screening systems. He holds a master of science and a PhD in molecular plant pathology from the Agricultural University of Copenhagen. Before entering into the career track of research management, he gained broad experience in various disciplines in the areas of plant biology and biotechnology.

In INSIDERS, he will focus on some of the challenges of the Turf & Forage Industry and give examples of how plant breeding and seed technology can improve seed value. Follow him in European Seed .

For Turf that’s Ready to Use, Sooner – Coat your Seed in Nitrogen explains how seed scientist can promote growth of turf in a sustainable end cost-effective way

Your Turf Will Never Go Low – Let it Snow! gives ways to improve winterhardiness in grasses - both by management and by plant breeding