Welcome to DLF Academy

The new DLF Academy forms the basis of the training we offer our customers.

In DLF-TRIFOLIUM we have gained extensive knowledge about the use of grass and clover seed. This knowledge is obtained via our extensive R&D activities with the development of varieties and concepts, but also through our work with customers and markets in more than 70 countries throughout the world.

Our knowledge has now been compiled into the DLF Academy and this forms the basis of the training we are offering our customers. All aspects in the use of forage and turf grasses can be covered; breeding, characteristics of species and mixtures, establishment, maintenance, economy, seed treatment and concepts and solutions for the end-users.

The training can take place locally at the location of the customers or at the premises of DLF. We can put together a targeted programme to suit the needs of our customers and after intensive
training we can also issue a diploma for the participants.