Why do we need DLF Fiber Energy?

DLF Fiber Energy stands for higher digestible grasses. A high digestibility grass provides a higher feed intake, more milk in the tank and you can save on expensive purchased feed supplement.

The digestibility of grass depends on many factors: cutting time, weather and fertilization. However, we know that there is also a difference between grass varieties. When they are tested and compared under the same growing conditions they can have a different digestibility.

Improved cell-wall digestibility of grasses increases the feed value of every single mouthful. It raises the maximum energy uptake, giving animals more energy from the same amount of grass. Besides good yield, persistency and disease tolerance farmers have now something extra to choose. Grass with a unique forage quality based on high fiber digestibility.

DLF Fiber Energy grass results in:
  • More energy from each kg dry matter
  • Faster end higher intake
  • Optimized energy/fiber ratio to maintain animal health
  • More milk
  • Less costs

Our new high digestible grasses are easy to find. The DLF varieties with high fiber energy are easy to recognize with our new logo: DLF Fiber Energy.

Look in your local brochure to see which mixtures with DLF Fiber Energy varieties are available in your country.