Women’s Finals in England - homeland of turf perfection

Now it’s time again for football, and England sets the scene for the 13th UEFA European Women’s Championship. The tournament will offer 31 matches between Europe’s best women national football teams and the expectations for the pitch quality is sky high being in the homeland of football and turf maintenance.

The finals take place from 6th – 31st July. 16 teams are qualified, and the matches will be played at 10 venues in 8 cities: London, Brentford, Manchester, Sheffield, Rotherham, Milton Keynes, Brighton and Southampton.

The legendary Old Trafford in Manchester will kick off the opening match between England and Austria and the final takes place at England’s National Stadium Wembley in London. The biggest broadcasting deal ever for women’s football has been made, so many can watch the matches on TV and inspect the quality of the grass pitch in the 10 stadiums.

From a turf seed’s point of view, you might be a bit starstruck watching the tournament on some of Europe’s finest grass pitches. The English groundsmen are champions when it comes to delivering pitches with top quality.

Recently, the new 4turf® tetraploid perennial ryegrasses are gaining ground in the football stadiums providing better stress tolerance and fast establishment which provide the safety net in the turf mixture. The grass at tournament stadiums is exposed to a lot of stress during a championship but with the skills of the talented groundsmen staff and champion grass varieties, we are convinced that the grass will stay green and perfect all the way to the final.

So just sit back and enjoy the perfected football pitches and a bouquet of great matches.
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