Women’s football championship on perfected turf

England sets the scene for the 16 qualifier teams at the European Championship. The tournament offers 31 matches between Europe’s best women national football teams and the expectations for the pitch quality is sky high being in the homeland of football and turf maintenance. DLF's top-ranking sports grasses are ready for both athletes and fans.

From July 6-31, millions of football fans will enjoy a lot of exciting hours cheering for their favorite teams at the finals. As the goals come, the fans roar and the TV cameras roll, one hard-working player will be impossible to miss: The lush green championship turf.

DLF grass represented on all 10 stadiums
Expectations are high when it comes to the playing surfaces being in the homeland of football with the World’s best league. The English groundsmen are champions when it comes to delivering pitches of top quality, and the tournament will expose on some of Europe’s finest grass pitches.
The groundsmen tradition is long in England with a well-educated staff to deliver top quality in all the football leagues. Therefore we can expect that the stadiums chosen for this tournament are well prepared and able to offer a high pitch quality.

-We are excited with the fact, that our turf grasses are well represented at the football stadiums, and we are confident, that the combination of excellent turf management and top performing turf grass varieties will present top pitches all the way to the final, says Søren Halbye EVP and Head of DLF European Business Unit. DLF has strong platform at the UK market for professional turf.

Grass in great shape

The pitch preparation includes an overseeding program with grass seed mixtures composed of top-rated varieties with high wear tolerance, high shoot density and a perfect color. DLF grasses are included in the overseeding mixtures composed of diploid turf perennial ryegrasses (Columbine, Monroe, Cameron) and 4turf® varieties (Fabian, Tetrastar) developed by DLF.

The top 4turf varieties are fine-leaved and dense and have a fantastic ability to withstand diseases and drought. Precisely drought tolerance is an important factor for grounds managers, as the drought-tolerant varieties require less irrigation, which in turn contributes to a lower risk of fungal attack in the lawn. Less irrigation is also the best way to limit the distribution of annual meadow grass.

About the stadiums
Several of the stadiums are well known from The Premier League (Brentford, Old Trafford, Southampton etc.) but also stadiums known from academy matches (Manchester City Academy), women tournaments (Leigh Sports Village), Football League Championship matches (Sheffield) and England’s fourth tier (Rotherham) are used in this tournament.

About DLF
DLF is the global market leader in the grass seed industry with 2000 employees in more than 20 countries. The company has a worldwide breeding network as well as production and sales of forage and turf seed to more than 100 countries worldwide. Owned by 2.500 Danish farmers. The DLF group has a revenue of 1 billion Euro.