MyDLF customer portal offers more functionality and better business support

Users of our customer portal, MyDLF, will be delighted to hear that a new release gives them even more functionality. In the 12 months since we launched MyDLF 1.0 we've listened to helpful feedback from its many users. MyDLF 1.1 is the result.

MyDLF has already attracted considerable industry attention for its ability to support you in your everyday business activities. Built with up-to-the-minute technology, MyDLF gives you instant access to detailed information about all aspects of your business with us. For many, MyDLF has become an integral part of their daily lives. This new release goes further: it gives you 24/7 access to even more relevant business information.


Development driven by users

MyDLF is a tool for customers. Its evolution is based entirely on customer wishes and feedback. Since September 2017, we've been working closely with customers to get a deeper understanding of their needs. The resulting enhancements are all customer-driven because the sole purpose of the app is to add value to your business.


Get more from MyDLF 1.1

View from any device: Responsive design means your customer-portal data looks good anywhere on any device: desktop computer, mobile phone or tablet.


Always available: Forget DLF office hours; if you need vital information about your account with us, it's online 24/7 at MyDLF.


Secure: MyDLF is a secure, password-protected business tool. It has passed our rigorous testing against hacking and security leaks, so MyDLF meets the typical requirements for modern business applications

More detail on orders: The order book section of the new release includes more precise information about your orders, including package sizes, quality categories and delivery conditions.


Shipping overview: The shipping section includes a more detailed year-to-date overview.


User-friendly financial data: The financial section shows your account statement in a more user-friendly format supported by better sorting of relevant documents.


With most wholesale customers now onboard, MyDLF is fast becoming an irreplaceable working tool. And it can only get better because we're continuously working to improve content and to give you more of the business-critical data you need.


MyDLF is one aspect of a series of long-term digital development initiatives from DLF. In the coming years you can look forward to many more useful and unique features – all driven by your needs and suggestions. If you're one of those who has already given us feedback, we'd like to say a hearty thank you. Please keep sending your ideas in.