DLF Employee Data Privacy Notice

When you are employed with DLF, we collect and process your personal data. This makes DLF data owner of the personal data that we process.

During your employment we process regular personal data about you, but in some cases we may also have sensitive personal data, such as health related information. In this notice you can read which personal data we process about you before, during and after your employment.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires us to have a lawful basis for using your personal data.  Usually, the data will be processed in the performance of your employment contract or for DLF to fulfil its legal obligations.

When you accept an employment offer with DLF, your personal details will be held on DLF’s electronic and physical filing systems. 


Personal data received during recruitment process
During the recruitment process, we collected your personal data in order to assess if you were a suitable candidate for the position that you applied for. We store the data during your employment to document your employment history.

During the recruitment process we register personal data, such as name, contact details, qualifications and other relevant information about you and your health, that you have provided in your application, CV and other documents you have sent or given to us, and we may register information that you gave in your interview.

When you start employment with DLF, you provide us with your bank details for payroll purposes.  We also ask you to let us know who we should contact in case of an emergency.

Information from assessment
If we asked you to complete an assessment as part of the recruitment process, we will store the results. Assessment is used to assist us in the recruitment process, for example to indicate how you will approach your job and if your competencies and qualifications are a good match for DLF and the specific position.

Information from former employers
We only request references from your former employers, when we have obtained your permission to do so. 

During employment

Personal data received during your employment
During your employment we receive various personal data, which we process to ensure that we live up to the obligations we have to you in accordance with the employment contract and the legislation we need to comply with. Below you can read more about the objective of processing the different types of data. The personal data is registered in the local administration system

Other recipients of your personal data
As part of your employment we may share your personal data with the following:

  • Public authorities, e.g. tax authorities
  • Pension and insurance companies
  • Medical or healthcare professionals
  • Employee survey supplier

Information on control measures
DLF’s IT policy contains information about DLF’s control measures in regards to internet and e-mails.

In the event that there is video surveillance, then it is marked by signs.

Use of photos
Portraits of employees may be used in internal documents such as organisation charts.

Certain jobs may require appearance on our website with a portrait so customers and external partners can identify who they are dealing with. We also use situational photos from company events where some employees may be identifiable.

Some employees may be included in videos and pictures distributed externally. We will ask for your consent if this is relevant for you. You can withdraw your consent at any given time by contacting us by email or post using the contact details in the final paragraph of this privacy notice. If you withdraw your consent, this will take effect from when you notify us and does not affect the legitimacy of the processing prior to the withdrawal.

After employment

When you leave DLF, we may register the reason for your leaving, provided that the legal basis for documenting the history of the employment is in place.

Safekeeping and deletion
We keep your personal data for a period of time after you have left DLF. The length of the period is determined by national law.

DLF is ISTA certified and comply with the International Seed Testing Association requirements. ISTA requires that documents pertaining to test and analysis of seed with names or initials is kept minimum 6 years. Thus, if you work with test and analysis there may be documents with your name or initials up to 7 years before the documents are deleted or destroyed.

Legal basis for processing your personal data
We process your personal data with the legal basis given in the General Data Protection Regulation.

Your rights

The General Data Protection Regulation provides you with general rights concerning your personal data. These right include, but are not limited to:

  • The right to erasure:  you can ask us to delete or dispose of any of your personal data in certain circumstances.
  • The right to data portability: you can ask us for a copy of your personal data, e.g. your training records.  
  • The right to restrict the processing of your personal data in certain circumstances.
  • The right to object to us processing your personal data for a particular purpose.

You can contact us, if you would like to exercise any of these rights.

We will respond within one month of receipt to all genuine and reasonable requests.  If your request is particularly complex, we may inform you that we need to extend the response time.   We will tell you what information we hold on you, for what purpose and to whom it could be disclosed. Any complaints will be investigated and appropriate action taken.  We will correct any inaccuracies brought to our attention.   If you are content for us to resolve your request informally, e.g. over the phone, we will do so.  

Further Information
If you have any other queries about how we handle your data, please contact Head of Corporate HR, Joy Sandersen: jsa@dlf.com or by letter addressed to her at:
Ny Oestergade 9
4000 Roskilde