More milk and meat with DLF Fiber Energy

DLF Fiber Energy is a forage concept from DLF offering forage grass varieties which are able to release more energy to animal. The result is an increased milk and meat production.

Increased live weight gain and higher milk yields mean a higher profit. With DLF Fiber Energy we increase digestibility of the grass to increase the rumen efficiency. The result is a higher out, meaning more milk and meat. When digestibility is increased, more energy is released to the cow. 

Every 1% increase in Digestibility results in around 0.25 l more milk per cow per day or 24 grams increase in live weight per day. 

More milk with DLF Fiber Energy

With DLF Fiber Energy we improve digestibility with up to 8%. This increases the milk and meat production by up to 730 l per cow or 70 kg live weight gain per year. 

Curious to learn more? On our DLF Fiber Energy pages, you'll find detailed information about cell wall digestibility

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Questions and Answers about DLF Fiber Energy

Grasses bearing the DLF Fiber Energy badge give ruminants more energy from every mouthful. These highly digestible forage grasses increase your milk and meat production.

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