PLUS - festulolium by DLF

PLUS - festulolium by DLF gives you fast germination, high feeding quality, great persistency and high yields.

The science that created festuloliums increases your meat and milk production through higher forage performance. In festulolium science unites the best genetics of ryegrass and fescue species in a new generation of PLUS grasses. This genetic upgrade gives you more efficient and robust grassland production, lower costs and improved environmental sustainability.

PLUS-grasses is a highly successful cross between a fescue and a ryegrass. These type of grasses are also known under the umbrella; festulolium. It works because the hybrid performs better than its individual components.


PLUS-grasses are split into two main groups: Ryegrass PLUS and Tall fescue PLUS.

Ryegrass PLUS

Ryegrass PLUS resembles italian ryegrass but with much better persistency. Seeding vigour is in top and with very early spring growth and a high yield during season - It produces a higher yield and has better stress tolerance and persistency. It is suited for grazing and cutting and can substitute italian ryegrass, hybrid ryegrass and perennial ryegrass in a mixture and increase the performance of the mixtures.

Tall fescue PLUS

Tall fescue PLUS resembles tall fescue but with much higher digestibility. They combine attributes of tall fescue with the high feeding quality and rapid establishment of ryegrass. It is mainly characterized by high seeding vigour, early spring growth, high yield and very high digestibility. It is ideally suited to dry or stressed environments where yield and persistency are the primary drivers. It can be used as a direct replacement for tall fescue in medium- and long-term mixtures where it improves the feeding value.

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Ryegrass PLUS

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Tall fescue PLUS 

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